About Interpharma

Distributors of pharmaceutical products

Interpharma is one of leading companies of the pharmaceutical and health products distribution.

Created in 1998, it proposes an complete and personalized approach of solutions and services for the attention of its various partners: pharmacists, hospitals, health centers - by distributing "specialities" and "quality generics" only.

Interpharma plays a major role by allowing the access to healthcare of every citizen whatever is his geographical location. For that purpose, the logistics of Interpharma is based on a quality staff, a warehouse allowing the storage in optimal conditions, and car fleet circulating every day. This logistics allows us to bring you the health by dealing every year several million lines of orders and products.

Our job

Our mission
Be a pharmacist. A pharmacist participates in the executive management. Have a permanent stock allowing to satisfy demand. Deliver any medicine to every pharmacist of his geographical area of activity within 24 hours following the reception of the order. Proceed to the fast retreat of the medicine as soon as it is decided by regulatory authorities.

Quality of Interpharma
Interpharma placed the satisfaction of clients and patients at the top of the list of priorities.

Our goals
The objective of this approach is multiple: Develop a quality policy directed on the customer satisfaction and integrating the requirements of the Guide of Good distribution practice, Revitalize the performance of the whole organization and staff of Interpharma to improve permanently the quality of service with its clients, Involve the entire staff and improve the quality of service to the customer and of the life at work.